Betuleius, Sixtus

, whose name in German was Birck, is in Latin Betula, and hence Betuleius, was born at Memmingen, in Suabia, Feb. 2, 1500, and studied at Basil, chiefly philosophy and the belles lettres, both which he afterwards taught with distinguished reputation. He was principal of the college of Augsburgh, over which he presided for sixteen years, and where he died June 19, 1554. His principal works are, 1. “Notes on Lactantius,” printed with the works of that father, at Basil, 1563, fol. 2. “Commentary” on Cicero de natura Deorum, ibid. 1550, 8vo, preferable to that of Peter Marso, and reprinted in Lescalopier’s “Humanitas Theologica,Paris, 1660, fol. 3. Three dramatic pieces, Susannah, Judith, and Joseph, which were highly esteemed in that age. They are inserted in the “Dramata sacra,Basil, 1547, 2 vols. 8vo. 4. “Novi Testament! Concordantia Grseca,Basil, 1546, noticed by Freytag as a book of great rarity. Freytag also informs us that Betuleius’s first employment, after finishing his studies, was that of a corrector of the press to the printers Cratander, Frobenius, and Bebelius. 5. “Oracula Sybillina Gr. cum castigationibus,Basil, 1545, 8vo. 2


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