Brandmuller, James

, son of the preceding, was born in 1565, was master of arts in 1585, and two years after, professor of poetry at Basil. In 1589 he received a | call from the church of Oberweiller, and preached there for upwards of forty years. When Buxtorf went home to Westphalia, Brandtnuller officiated for him as Hebrew professor: he died Nov. 1, 1629, after having published “Analysis typica librorum Veteris et Novi Testamenti,Basil, 1621, and 1622, 3 vols. 4to. The first two were by Moses Phlacer, and that only which contains the epistles and the apocalypse, by Brandmuller. 1


Moreri, Witte Diarium Biographioum.