Eveillon, James

, an ingenious canon, and grand vicar of Angers, under Messrs. Fouquet, Miron, de Reuil, and Arnaud, was born at Angers in 1572, or 1582, and obtained his preferments in consequence of his superior knowledge of ecclesiastical laws and customs. He was the author of an excellent treatise “des Excommunications, et des Monitoires,” 1672, 4to, and other valuable works. Eveillon also wrote “De Processionibus Ecclesiasticis,” 8vo “De recta psallendi ratione,” 4 to, &c. So great was his charity to the poor, that he denied himself almost every convenience of life for their sakes. Being blamed one day for having no hangings to his room, he replied, “When I come into my house in winter, I do not hear the walls complain of cold; but the poor, who are shivering at my door, tell me they want clothing.” He died at Angers in 1651. 3


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