Gamaches, Stephen Simon

, a writer of some eminence, and a member of the French academy of sciences, was born at Meulan in 1672, and, entering the church, obtained the office of canon of the Holy Cross de la Bretonniere, and died at Paris in 1756. He was much esteemed for his literary talents, which appeared in the following | works: 1. “Physical Astronomy,1740, 4to. 2. “Literary and Philosophical Dissertations,1755, 8vo. 3. 4 “System of the Christian Philosopher,1721, 8vo. 4. “System of the Heart,” published in 1708, under the feigned name of Clerigny. 5. “The Elegancies of Language reduced to their Principles,” a book called by one writer, the “Dictionary of fine Thoughts,” and by others pronounced to be a work which every man who writes should read. 1


1 >i<'(. Hist.