Harpsfeld, John

, dean of Norwich, and one of the bitterest persecutors under the reign of queen Mary, was born in the parish of St. Mary Magdalen, Old Fishstreet, London, and educated at Winchester school, whence he was sent to New college, Oxford, of which he was admitted fellow in 1534. Having completed his degrees in arts, and taken orders, he became chaplain to bishop Bonner, whose whole spirit he imbibed. In 1554 he was collated to the church of St. Martin Ludgate, which he resigned on being presented to the living of Layndon in Essex in May 1558. He had other preferments, and was created doctor of divinity. A few months before the death of queen Mary, he was preferred to the deanery of Norwich; but was deprived of it in 1560, and committed to the Fleet prison He remained here about a year, and was then set at liberty on giving security for his peaceable behaviour. He died in London in 1578. Among his | preferments was that of archdeacon of London, given to him because he would act with more cruelty to the martyrs than his predecessor. He appears, indeed, in every respect, a suitable assistant to Bonner. In learning, however, he does not appear to have been inferior to any of his contemporaries. His published works are, 1. “Concio ad clerum,” Lond. 1553, 8vo. 2. “Homilies,1554, 1555, ibid. Among Bonner’s Homilies, nine were written by Harpsfeld. 3. “Disputations and Epistles,” in Fox’s Acts and Monuments. 4. “Supputatio temporum a diluvio ad A.D. 1559,” Lond. 1560. 1


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