Haye, John De La

, a learned Franciscan, preacher in ordinary to queen Anrie of Austria, was born in 1593 at Paris, and died there in 1661. His principal works are, “Biblia Magna,1643, 5 vols. fol.; and “Biblia Maxima,1660, 19 vols. fol. No part of the last is esteemed but the Prolegomena, and even they are too diffuse but his “Biblia Magna” is reckoned a very good work. He must not be confounded with John de la Haye, a Jesuit, who died 1614, aged seventy-four, leaving an “Evangelical Harmony,” 2 vols. fol. and other works; nor with another John de la Haye, valet de chambre to Margaret of Valois, who published her poems. 2