Helyot, Peter

, perhaps Elliot, properly, as he was of British extraction, was born in Jan. 1660, and became in 1633 a religious of the order of Picpus near Paris, which is a branch of that of St. Francis, and was raised to several offices in his order. His fame is founded on a large work, the toil of twenty -three years, in eight volumes 4to, “A History of Monastic Orders, religious and military, and of secular congregations of both sexes,” &c. &c. which he began to print in 1714. The four last volumes were edited by father Louis, the provincial of his order, with the assistance of Maximilian Bullot. Helyot died at Picpus, near Paris, Jan. 5, 1716. His work is full of learned research, and more correct than any thing on that subject which had then appeared. He was a man of exemplary piety, and a neat, though not elegant, or natural writer. 2


Moreri, and Supplement.