Hemmerlin, Felix

, or Malleolus, which has the same meaning as Hemmerlin in German, was born at Zurich in 1389, of a considerable family; and having entered the church, was made canon of Zurich in 1412. He afterwards took his doctor’s degree at Bologna, and in 1428 was appointed chanter of the church of Zurich. In 1454 the bishop of Constance put him in prison, on a suspicion of corresponding with the enemies of itts country; what became of him afterwards, or when he died, we have not been able to discover; but two works of his in folio, and in black letter, are much sought by collectors of curiosities: 1. “Opuscula varia scilicet de nobilitate et rusticitate dialogus,” &c. without date. 2, “Variae oblectationis oriuscula; nempe contra valido^ mend.icantes Beghardos et Beghinos,” &c. Basil, 1497, folio. They arc written with a coarse kind of humour. 2


Niceron, vol. XXVIII.