Jarry, Laurence Juillard Du

, a French preacher and poet, was born in the village of Jarry, near Xantes, about 1658. He went young to Paris, where the duke of Montausier, M. Bossuet, Bourdaloue, and Flechier, became his patrons, and encouraged him to write. He gained the poetical prize in the French academy in 1679 and in 1714, and it is remarkable that, on this latter occasion, Voltaire, then very young, was one of his competitors. The successful poem was, however, below mediocrity, and contained some blunders with which his young antagonist amused himself and the public. One of his verses began, “Poles, glaces, brulans.” “These torrid poles,” could not escape ridicule. At the same time he was celebrated as a preacher. He was prior of Notre Dame du Jarry of the order of Grammont, in the diocese of Xantes, where he died in 1730. We have of his, a work entitled “Le Ministere Evangelique;” of which the second edition was printed at Paris in 1726. 2. “A Collection of Sermons, Panegyrics, and Funeral Orations,” 4 vols. 12mo. 3. “Uu Recueil de divers ouvrages de Piete,1638, 12mo. 4. “Des Poeses Chretiennes Heroiques & Morales,1715, 12mo. 2