Lipenius, Martin

, a learned German divine, was born Nov. 11, 1630, at Goritz in Brandenburgh, and studied at the schools of Brandenburgh and Ruppin, whence he went to Stetin, and made great progress in his studies under Micrelius and other eminent professors of that college. In 1651 he studied philosophy and divinity at Wittemberg, and after two years residence was admitted to the degree of master of arts. He had now some advantageous offers of settlement in other places, but he could not bring himself to quit an university where he was so likely to add to his stores of knowledge. At length, however, in 1659, he accepted the office of corrector at Halle, which he retained until 1672, when he was appointed rector and professor in the Caroline college at Stetin. This he quitted in 1676, and accepted the office of corrector at Lubeck, where he died, Nov. 6, 1692, worn out, as Niceron informs us, by labour, chagrin, and disease. His works are very numerous, consisting of disputations, 'eloges, and other academical productions; but he is now principally known by his “Bibliotheca realis Theologica,” Francfort, 1685, 2 vols. “Biblioth. Juridica,” ib. 1679; “BibK Philosophica,” ibid. 1682; and “Biblioth. Medica,” ibid. 1679, making in all six folio volumes, containing an account of works published in each of these departments. The “Bibl. Juridica” was reprinted at Leipsic in 1757, 2 vols. and corrections and a supplement were published by Aug. Fr. Scott, in 1775; another supplement was published by Senkenberg in 1789, making in all four volumes | folio. Morhoff speaks favourably of the original work, and the “Bibl. Juridica” is doubtless greatly improved. 1

1 Niceron, vol. XIX. Morhoff Polyhirt.—Saxii Onomast,