Lisle, Claude De

, historiographer and censor royal, and the first of a family of men of considerable eminence in France, was born Nov. 5, 1644, at Vaucouleurs. He gave private lectures on history and geography at Paris, and had not only the principal lords of the court among his pupils, but the duke of Orleans, afterwards regent of France, who always retained a particular value for him, and gave him frequent proofs of his esteem. He died at Paris, May 2, 1720, aged 76, leaving twelve children, of whom three sons will form the subject of the ensuing articles. His works are, “Relation historique du Roiaume de Siam,1684, 12mo; “An Abridgement of the Universal History,1731, 7 vols. 12mo-, and a Genealogical and Historical Atlas, on engraved plates. 2


Moreri. Dict. Hwt.