Events noted in 1763

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1762 1764


“Programma on the difficulty of measuring the Human Faculties,” Abbt, Thomas writer

“Consolatory Epistle to Dr. Schwartz,” Abbt, Thomas writer

“Recherches sur les Sentiments Moraux, traduites de l'Allemand de M. Moses Mendelsohn,” Abbt, Thomas writer

Died: Abel, Gaspar a native of Halberstadt

“An account of a Blow on the Heart and its effects,” Akenside, Mark physician

Died: Ali Bey an adventurer

“Melanges d'histoire naturelle,” Alleon, Dulac John Lewis was born at Lyons

“Forms of Devotion for the closet,” Amory, Thomas a dissenting minister of considerable note

“The Patriot,” Anstey, Christopher poet

“Memoire sur la necessite de diminuer le nombre des fetes,” Arcere, Louis Etienne priest of the oratory

“Familiar instructions on the diseases of the Urethra and Bladder,” Arnaud De Ronsil, Georges a surgeon of some eminence in London

Died: Arntzenius, Otho was born in 1703

“Polyxene,” Auvergne, Antoine D' composer

“De Catarrho, et de Dysenteria Londinensi, epidemicis utrisque anno 1762, libellus,” Baker, Sir George physician

“Tablettes Chronologiques” Barbeau De Labruyere, John Lewis born at Paris in 1710

“Horace, edited by Mr. Livie, 1762, 8vo;” Baskerville, John a celebrated printer

“Dr. Jennings’s Introduction to the knowledge of Medals,” Baskerville, John a celebrated printer

“Aphorism! cle cognoscendis et curandis morbis nonnullis ad principia, animalia accommodati.” Battie, William physician (17041764)

“Cours d'Histoire sacree et profane,” Beurieu, Gaspard Guillard De writer

“Essais geographiques sur les isles Britanniques,” Bellin, Nicholas geographical engineer of the marine

“Essay sur THorlogerie,” Berthoud, Ferdinand an eminent French marine clock-maker

“Museum,” Bertrand, Elias writer

“Dictionnaire Universel des Fossiles propres, etdes Fossils accidentels,” Bertrand, Elias writer

“De primis rei metallicae inventoribus,” Bidermann, John Theophilus writer

“Lettres familieres,” Bielfeld, James Frederick Baron De was born at Hamburgh March 31

“Instructions for the practice of Surgery in army-hospitals,” Bilguer, John Ulric De a surgeon

“An Ode to the earl of Lincoln on the duke of Newcastle’s Retirement,” Bishop, Samuel late head-master of Merchant Taylors’ school

“Examen de la Confession de Foi du Vicaire Savoyard,” Bitaube', Paul Jeremiah poet

Died: Blackwall, Anthony a native of Derbyshire

“Discours sur l'Emulation,” Bollioud-Mermet, Louis writer

“Essai sur la lecture,” Bollioud-Mermet, Louis writer

“Essai sur la poesie rhythmique,” Bouchaud, Matthew Anthony writer

Died: Bougainville, John Peter De born at Paris Dec. 1

“Strabo,” Brequigny, Lewis George, Oudard De Feudrix a learned member of the French academy

“Bibliographic Instructive,” Bure, William Francis De an eminent bookseller at Paris

“Appel aux Savans,” Bure, William Francis De an eminent bookseller at Paris

“Reponse a une Critique de la Bibliographic Instructive,” Bure, William Francis De an eminent bookseller at Paris

“Historia gymnasii Patavini,” Burrow, Sir James born in 1701

Died: Byrom, John writer

“Dissertation on Miracles” Campbell, George divine

“Dissertations sur le bois de charpente,” Camus, Antony Le physician

“Filial Piety,” Carr, John LL. D. many years an eminent schoolmaster at Hertford

Died: Carteret, John earl Granville

“De Tinteret d'un ouvrage dans le sujet, le plan, et le style,” Cerutti, Joseph Anthony Joachim poet

“Letters to the duchess of Lesdiguieres, giving an account of a voyage to Canada,” Charlevoix, Peter Francis Xavier De Jesuit

“The Duellist,” Churchill, Charles poet

“Letters concerning the Spanish nation, written at Madrid during the years 1760 and 1761,” Clarke, Edward was born at Btixted

“A Letter of free advice to a young Clergyman,” Clubbe, John rector of Whatfield

“Les Mysotechniques aux enfers,” Cochin, Charles Nicholas was born at Paris in 1715

Died: Dalin, Olaus Von a learned Swede

Died: Dassier, John medallist to the republic of Geneva

“An humble apology for Christian Orthodoxy,” Delany, Patkick a clergymnn of Ireland

“Nouveaux eclaircissemens sur la vie et les ouvrages de Guillaume Postel,” Desbillons, Francis Joseph Terrasse poet

Died: Disney, John divine

“Reflections on Death,” Dodd, Dr. William divine

Died: Donati, Vitaliano botanist

“I hope, within this year, to have about twelve dioceses ready for the press;” Ducarel, Andrew Coltee antiquary

Died: Farneworth, Ellis distinguished by translating some capital authors

Died: Fawkes, Francis writer

“Astronomical Tables and Precepts, for calculating' the true times of New and Full Moons, &c.” Ferguson, James philosopher

“A Charge to the Grand Jury of Westminster,” Fielding, Sir John was half brother

“The Mayor of Garrat,” Foote, Samuel esq. called the English Aristophanes

“The Law of Executions,” Gilbert, Sir Jeffray knt. lord chief baron of the exchequer

“A Decription of Teneriffe, with the Manners and Customs of the Portuguese who are settled there.” Glass, John son of the above

“Metfiodus medendi Morbos, cum prafatione de prsestantia Theorise Hambergeri, prae ceteris,” Hamberger, George Edward professor of chemistry and of the practice of medicine in the university of Jena

Died: Hartzheim, Joseph Jesuit

“Twenty Discourses abridged from archbishop Tillotson, c.” Henry, David an ingenious printer

“Jurisprudentia numismatibus illustrata, necnon sigillis, gemmis, aliisque picturis vetustis varie exornata,” Hommel, Charles Frederick lawyer

Born: Hurdis, James poet

Died: Jackson, John divine

Died: Joubert, Francis a learned priest of Montpellier

Died: Ilive, Jacob was a printer

“Epistle from lady Jane Gray to lord Guildford Dudley;” Keate, George writer

Died: King, Dr. William son of the rev

“Dictionnaire de Jurisprudence,” Lacombe De Prezel, Honore brother of the former

“Plantarum Rariorum Horti Upsaliensis Fasciculus Primus,” Linnæus the oldest

Died: Lobb, Theophilus physician

“Memoire sur une question anatomique, relatif a la jurisprudence,” Louis, Anthony an eminent French surgeon

“Answer to the capital errors of W. Law,” Madan, Martin writer

Died: Mangeart, Thomas called

Died: Marivaux, Peter Carlet De Chamblain De writer

Died: Mason, John divine

“Lettre sur la Bibliographic de Debure,” Mercier, Bartholomew writer

“Poems on Sacred subjects,” Merrick, James divine

Died: Mesenguy, Francis Philip divine

“Plan of typical Divinity,” Michaelis, John David critic

“Apologia pro medicina Empirica,” Musgrave, Dr. William antiquary

“Theatre & Oeuvres diverse*,” Panard, Charles-Francis poet

“Remarks on Dr. Kennicott’s Letter,” Parry, Richard rector of Wichampton in Dorsetshire

“A Proposal for selling part of the Forest Land and Chaces, and disposing of the produce towards the discharge of that part of the national debt due to the Bank of England; and for the establishment of a National Bank, &c.” Perceval, John second earl of Egmont

“Chinese Miscellanies,” Percy, Thomas prelate

Died: Pessklier, Charles Stephen member of the academies of Nancy

Died: Pilkington, Letitia an English wit and poetess

“The Importance of the African Expedition considered,” Postlethwayt, Malachi writer

Died: Racine, Louis was born at Paris in 1692

“Disquisitiones Plinianae, sive de utriusque Flinii patria, scriptis, codicibus, editionibus, atque interpretibus,” Rezzonico, Anthony Joseph, Count scholar

“The Royal Shepherd,” Rolt, Richard writer

“The Life of Faith,” Romaine, William divine

“Nosologica methodica, sistens’morborum classes, genera, et species,” Sauvages, Francis Boissier De the inventor of modern nosology

“Sermons on several occasions” Sharp, Thomas was born about 1693

Died: Smellie, William an eminent accoucheur

“The Principles of Religion made easy to young persons, in a short and familiar Catechism. Dedicated to the late Prince Frederick,” Squire, Samuel divine

“A Letter to the right hon. the earl of Halifax on the Peace,” Squire, Samuel divine

Died: Sykes, Arthur Ashley divine

Died: Tate, Nahum *a well known Psalmodist

“The History of Ireland, vol*. 1.” Warner, Ferdinando writer

“Experience of Medicine;” Zimmermann, John George physician