Malvenda, Thomas

, a learned Dominican, born in 1566, at Xativa, taught philosophy and divinity with great reputation in his order. Baronius, hearing of his abilities, persuaded his general to send for him to Rome, that he might have the benefit of his advice. Malvenda accordingly gave Baronius great assistance, and was employed, at the same time, to correct all the ecclesiastical books of his order, which he did with much accuracy. He died May 7, 1628, at Valencia in Spain, aged sixty-three. His most esteemed works are, a treatise “De Anti-Christo,” the best edition of which is that of Valencia, 1621, folio “A new Version of the Hebrew Text of the Bible, with Notes,Lyons, 1650, 5 vols. folio; “Annales Ordinis Praedicatorum,Naples, 1627, folio. 2