Pelletier, Jaques

, a celebrated French physician, born at Mans in 1517, was eminent also as a scholar, and became principal of the colleges of Bayeux and Mans at Paris, where he died in 1582. His writings have not retained all the estimation which they possessed in his time; but they are numerous. 1. Commentaries on Euclid, written in Latin, 8vo. 2. “De dimensione circuli,Basil. 1563, fol. 3. “Disquisitiones Geometricae,” Lugd. 1567, 8vo, with some other works of this kind. 4. “Dialogue de POrtografe e prononciacion Frangoase,” Lyon, 1555, 8vo, in which, as may be seen by the title, he proposes to write words as they are pronounced; a theoretical improvement, but attended with too many difficulties in practice to b& adopted in any country. Mr. "James Elphinston made similar attempts, with similar success, in England. 5. Two or three collections of very bad poetry. 6. A description of Savoy. 7. A translation of Horace’s Art of Poetry. 8. A French Art of Poetry written in prose. He published also on his own profession, 9. A small treatise in Latin, on the Plague. And 10. A Concordance of several passages in Galen, with some detached treatises, 1559, one vol. 4to. 2


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