Pfanner, Tobias

, the son of a counsellor at Augsburg, born in 1641, was secretary of the archives to the duke of Saxe Gotha, and instructor of the princes Ernest, and John-Ernest, in history and politics. He so well fulfilled his duties in these situations, that he was promoted to a higher place, of secretary to the Ernestine branch of the family; and was so deeply learned in matters of record, that he was called the living archives of the house of Saxony. His manners were pure, but his temper inclined to melancholy, which was thought to be increased by too intense application to study. He died at Gotha in 1717. His principal works are; 1. “The History of the Peace of Westphalia,” 8vo, the best edition is 1697. 2. “The History of the Assemblies of 1652 4,Weimar, 1694, 8vo. 3. “The Treaties of the German Princes.” 4. “The Theology of the Pagans.” 5. “A Treatise on the Principle of historic Faith.” All these are written in Latin, not so much with elegance, as with strict care and exactness. 2


Moreri.—Dist. Hist.