Philippi, Henry

, a learned Jesuit, was born at Luxemburg, in the vicinity of St. Hubert’s, in the Ardennes, in 1575. He entered the society of the Jesuits at the age of twenty-one: and besides his other accomplishments, was distinguished for his knowledge of scriptural history and chronology. After taking the degree of doctor of divinity, he was employed, according to the usual practice of his order, in teaching philosophy, scholastic divinity, and biblical literature, in the universities of Gratz, Vienna, and Prague. He died at Ratisbon in 1636, about the age of 6 I, leaving, among other works of inferior importance, 1. “Chronologica Synopsis sacrorum | Temporum,” 1624. 2. “Manuale Chronologicum veteris Testamenti,1635. 3. “Chronologic Veteris Testament! accuratum Examen,1637, &c. 1