Politi, Alexander

, was born at Florence in 1679, and was early distinguished in the schools of philosophy and theology, for the extent of his memory and the sagacity of his mind. He became very early a teacher in the sciences above-mentioned, and in rhetoric at Genoa; but in 1733, was invited to Pisa to give lectures on the Greek language, whence he was promoted to the professorship of eloquence, which had been some time vacant, after the death of Benedict Averano. He died of an apoplexy, July 23, 1752. He distinguished himself as a commentator and as an author, by publishing, 1. An edition of Homer with Eustathius’s commentary, to which he added, a Latin translation, and abundant notes, in 3 vols. folio, 1730, 1732, 1735. The fourth volume was in the press when he died, but has not since appeared. 2. “Martyrologium Romanum castigatum, ac commentariis illustrattim,” folio, Florence, 1751. 3. “Orationes 12 ad Academiam Pisanam, 1746,” 4. “Panegyricus Imp. Francisco I. consecratus,Florence, 4to. 5. “De patrra in cohdendis testamentrs potestate,Florence, 1712, 12mo, in four books. 1

1 Fabroni Vitoe Italorutn.