Resenius, Peter John

, probably of the same family as the preceding, a counsellor and professor in Copenhagen, was born there June 17, 1625. His father and his grandfathers, both by the father’s and mother’s side, were bishops of Zealand. He was appointed sub-principal of the college of Copenhagen in 1646; and having quitted that employment the following year, he set out to visit foreign countries. He studied, during four years, polite literature and law in the university of Leyden, after which he went into France, Spain, and Italy. He remained a whole year in Padua, where he applied himself chiefly to the study of the civil law; was elected counsellor of the German nation in that city; and vice-syndic of the university, in which quality he made a speech in the senate of Venice, and obtained a privilege for that university; and before he left Padua he took his doctor’s degree in law, the 11th of September, 1653. He returned to Denmark by the way of Germany, and was appointed professor of moral | philosophy in the university of Copenhagen, November 25, 1657, afterwards consul of that city, counsellor of the supreme council; and lastly, president of Copenhagen, and counsellor of justice. He Was ennobled the 18th of January, 1680, and created counsellor of state the 6th of May, 1684. He formed a very fine library, which he left to the university of Copenhagen, the catalogue of which was printed at Copenhagen, 1685, 4to.

His works are, 1. “Edda Snorronis Sturlesonii triplici lingua Islandica & Latina,1665, 4to. 2. “Eddae Szemundianse pars dicta Havamaal, complexa Ethicam Odini estque & Islandice & Latine/' 1665, 4to. 3.” Eddae Saemundianae Voluspa, continens Philosophiam Danorurn, Norvegoriimque antiquissimam, additis Gudmundi Andreas Islandi annotationibus,“1665, and 1673, 4to. 4.” Inscriptiones Havnienses, Latinse, Danicse, & Germanicae; una cum addita narratione de Tychone Braheo diversisque ipsius etsororis ipsiiis Sophias Braheae epistolis,“1668, 4to. 5.” Jus aulicum vetus Regum Norvegorum, dictum Hirdskraa,“1673, 4to. 6.” Havnise delineatio topographica in sere expressa, una cum brevi partium & locorum enarratione, Danice & Germanice,“1674. 7.” Samsoae descriptio & delineatio cum figuris,“1675, fol. 8.” Friderici II. Hist. Danice in folio cum figuris,“1675. 9.” Lexicon Islandicum Gudmundi Andreas Islandi, cum prajfaticme de ejusdem vita,“1683, 4to. 10.” Leges Cimbric33 Valdemari secundi Regis Danici, Germanice, interprete Erico Krabbio, equite Danico,“1684, 4to. 11.” Leges civiles & ecclesiastical Cliristiani Secundi," &c. 1684, 4to. 1


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