Renaudot, Theofhrastus

, a physician, and a man learned in many respects, is said to have been the first author of Gazettes in France in 1631. He was born at Loudun in 1583, and died at Paris, where he had spent the greatest part of his life, in 1653. He left besides his Gazettes, a continuation of the “Mercure Frai^oise” from 1635 to 1643, in 25 vols. 8vo, the last six of which are the worst; but the most scarce were published by Renaudot. He wrote also “Abre*ge de la Vie et de la mort de Henri de Bourbon, prince de Conde,1646, 4to; “La vie et la mort du Marechal de Gassion,1647, 4to, and “The Life of Cardinal Michael de Mazarin,” brother of the prime minister of that name, 1648, 4to. 2