Sanchez, Thomas Anthony

, a learned Spaniard, and librarian to the king, was born in 1730, and distinguished himself by his researches into the literary history pf his country, and by some editions of its ablest authors, which he illustrated with very valuable notes. Our authority, however, conveys very little information respecting his personal history or his works, and does not even mention the concern he had in the new and much improved edition of Antonio’s “Bibl. Hispana.” He died at Madrid in 1798. His most celebrated work is his “Collection of Castiliian poetry anterior to the fifteenth century, to which are prefixed memoirs of the first marquis of Santillane, and a letter addressed to the constable of Portugal, on the origin of Spanish poetry,Madrid, 1779 1782, 5 vols. 8vo. This history is now preferred to that of father Sarmiento, which formerly enjoyed such reputation. Sanchez also wrote “An Apology for Cervantes,” in answer to a letter published in the Madrid Courier; and “A Letter to Don Joseph Berni, on his defence of Peter the Cruel,” ibid. 1778, 8vo. 2


Dict. tiist. Supplement,