Events noted in 1778

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1777 1779


Publication: “A species of Cyclopedia of all the Sciences, Arts, and Manufactures, which contribute to the comforts of human life,” by Adelung, John Christopher a learned German grammarian (?–1806)

Publication: “CEuvres diverses,” by Albon, Claude Camille, Francois Count D' was born at Lyons in 1753

Died: Ambrose De Lombes, Pere a pious and learned capuchin

Publication: “Envy,” by Anstey, Christopher poet

Publication: “Treatise on Government,” by Aristotle the chief of the peripatetic philosophers

Died: Arne, Thomas Augustine musician

Publication: “A candid examination of what has been advanced on the Colic of Poitouand Devonshire, by James Hardy, M.D. of Barnstaple, Devonshire,” by Baker, Sir George physician

Died: Bassi, Laura Maria Catherina the wife of Dr

Died: Beau, Charles Le first professor of rhetoric in the college of the Grassins

Died: Bentham, James prebendary of Ely

Publication: “Considerations and Reflections upon the present state of the fens near Ely,” by Bentham, James prebendary of Ely

Publication: “Materia medica e regno vegetabili, sistens simplicia officinalia pariter atque culinaria,” by Bergius, Peter Jonas physician

Publication: “A treatise on Hysterical Diseases, translated from the French.” by Berkenhout, Dr. John writer

Died: Blackstone, Sir William knight

Publication: “An Apology for the Baptists in refusing communion at the Lord’s Table to Pscdobaptists,” by Booth, Abraham a pious and popular dissenting minister of the Baptist persuasion

Publication: “Anacreontis Carmina,” by Brunck, Richard Francis Frederick critic

Died: Burman, Peter called the second

Publication: “Histoire de la Moldavie et de la Valachie,” by Carra, John Lewis one of those French philosophers and statesmen to whom the revolution gave a shortlived importance

Publication: “Vers sur Voltaire,” by Chabanon, De writer

Publication: “Mustapha,” by Chamfort, Sebastian Roche Nicolas writer

Died: Clemencet, Charles was born at Painblanc

Died: Comber, Thomas LL. D. grandson to the preceding Dr

Publication: “The Principles of Beauty relative to the Human Head,” by Cozens, Alexander a Russian by birth

Publication: “Account of the subversion of the Legal Government of Fort St. George, in answer to Mr. Andrew Stuart’s Letter to the Court of Directors,” by Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

Publication: “Journal of the Grenville,” by Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

Publication: “Considerations on the East India Bill, 1769,” by Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

Publication: “Observations Astronomiques faites a Toulouse, &c.” by D'Argonne

Died: Darwin, Erasmus physician

Publication: “Miscellaneous Papers,” by Douglas, John bishop

Died: Draper, Sir William lieutenant-general and K. B. was educated at Eton

Publication: “A list of various editions of the Bible and parts thereof, in English, from 1526 to 1776,” by Ducarel, Andrew Coltee antiquary

Publication: “A few Remarks on the History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman empire, relative chiefly to the two last chapters. By a gentleman.” by Eyre, Francis a Roman catholic gentleman of Warkworth castle in Northamptonshire

Publication: “Discours sur divers sujets de religion, et de morale,” by Feller, Francis Xavier De an ex-jesuit

Publication: “Observations sur les rapports physiques de Phuile avec les flots de la mer,” by Feller, Francis Xavier De an ex-jesuit

Publication: “Forster’s Letter to lord Sandwich,” by Forster, John Reinhold naturalist (?–1798)

Publication: “Reply to Mr. Wales’ s Remarks on Mr. Forster’s Account of captain Cook’s last Voyage,” by Forster, George was born at Dantzic in 1754

Died: Funccius, John Nicolas a native of Marpurg

Died: Gent, Thomas a native of York

Publication: “A Reply to the reasonings of Mr. Gibbon in his History, &c. which seem to affect the truth of Christianity, but have not been noticed in the answer which Dr. Watson hath given to that book. By Smyth Loftus, A. M. vicar of Coolock,” by Gibbon, Edward historian

Died: Gruner, John Frederick divine

Died: Gyllenborg, Charles Count a Swedish states. man and a man of learning

Publication: “MenzikofT,” by Harpe, John Francis De La one of the ablest French writers of the last century

Died: Heusinger, James Frederick was a nephew of the former

Publication: “I advised his majesty to make the promotion. 1 have tried my lord Howe on fmportant occasions; he never asked me how he was to execute any service, but always went and performed it.” by Howe, Richard fourth viscount Howe

Died: Huber, John James anatomist

Publication: “Flora” by Hudson, William one of the earliest Linniean botanists in England

Publication: “Select Letters between the late duchess of Somerset, lady Luxborough, miss Dolman, Mr. Whistler, Mr. Dodsley, Shenstone, and others,” by Hull, Thomas writer

Publication: “A safe and easy Remedy for the relief of the Stone and Gravel, the Scurvy, Gout, &c. and for the destruction of Worms in the human body illustrated by cases together with an extemporaneous method of impregnating water and other liquids with fixed air, by simple mixture only, &c.” by Hulme, Nathaniel physician

Publication: “The Kites and Ceremonies of the Greek Church in Russia; containing an account of its doctrine, worship, and discipline.” by King, John Glen antiquary

Publication: “English Humanity no Paradox,” by Long, Edward author of a valuable History of Jamaica

Publication: “Philosophia Britannica,” by Martin, Benjamin an eminent optician

Publication: “Letters of governor Hutchinson,” by Mauduit, Israel a person of some celebrity in his time

Publication: “Hebrew Grammar,” by Michaelis, John David critic

Publication: “Vibius Sequester de fluminibus, fontibus,” by Oberlin, Jeremiah James scholar

Died: Ogden, Samuel divine

Publication: “Russia Illustrata.” by Pallas, Peter Simon naturalist

Publication: “History of Bibles printed at Nuremberg, from the invention of the Art,” by Panzer, George Wolfgang Francis bibliographer

Publication: “Speculations on Law and Lawyers,” by Paterson, Samuel a gentleman who deserves honourable notice in the literary history of his country

Died: Pezay, Masson, Marquis Of was born at Paris

Publication: “The Art of War, a poem, translated from the French of the king of Prussia,” by Pye, Henry James poet

Publication: “History of Scotland.” by Robertson, William one of the most illustrious names in modern literature

Publication: “Recueii de Dissertations sur divers sujets de l'histoire de France,” by Sabbathier, Francis writer

Publication: “A Letter to Don Joseph Berni, on his defence of Peter the Cruel,” by Sanchez, Thomas Anthony a learned Spaniard

Publication: “An Essay towards a demonstration of the Trinity,” by Scott, George Lewis a learned member of the royal society

Died: Sharp, Samuel not related

Publication: “Vale-Royal,” by Smith, William antiquary

Died: Toplady, Augustus Montague a strenuous champion for the Calvinism of the church of England

Publication: “The extensive Practice of the New Husbandry,” by Tull, Jethro a gentleman of an ancient family in Yorkshire

Publication: “The Perfect Contrast, or the entire opposition of Popery to the Religion of Jesus the Son of God; a sermon preached at Clapham, November 5, 1758,” by Venn, Henry divine

Publication: “Irene,” by Voltaire, Marie-Francis Arouet De the greatest literary character which France produced in the last century

Publication: “Observations on a Voyage with captain Cook;” by Wales, William astronomer

Died: Worthington, William divine