Events noted in 1779

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1778 1780


Died: Adelburner, Michael a mathematician and physician

Died: Albani, Alexander an eminent virtuoso

“Discours politiques, historiques, et critiques, sur quelques Gouvernments de l'Europe,” Albon, Claude Camille, Francois Count D' a descendant of the preceding

Died: Alcock, Nathan an English physician of considerable celebrity as a practitioner

Died: Almici, Peter Camille a priest of the oratory

“An enquiry into the causes that have hitherto retarded the advancement of Agriculture in Europe; with hints for removing the circumstances that have chiefly obstructed its progress,” Anderson, James LL. D. an eminent agricultural writer

“Charity,'” Anstey, Christopher an ingenious poet of the eighteenth century

Died: Armstrong, John an English physician and poet

Died: Attaignant, Gabriel Charles De L' a French poet

Died: Ayscough, George Edward esq. a lieutenant in the first regiment of foot-guards

“Reflections on the impropriety and expediency of Lay Subscription in the university of Oxford.” Bagot, Lewis an English prelate

Died: Barbeu Du Bourg, James a physician

Died: Baskerville, John a celebrated printer

“Opuscula physica et chemica,” Bergman, Sir Torbern a celebrated chemist and natural philosopher

Died: Bernard, Sir Francis descended from an ancient and respectable family originally of Yorkshire

“Description d'un Voyage en Prusse, en Russie, et en Pologne, en 1777 et 1778,” Bernoulli, John the grandson of the preceding John

“Amoenitates Poeticae,” Beza, Theodore one of the chief promoters of the Reformation

“General Theory of Algebraic Equations,” Bezout, Stephen a celebrated French mathematician

Died: Bianchini, John Fortunatus an Italian philosopher and physician of considerable reputation in the last century

Died: Bourgelat, Claude veterinary surgeon

“Sophoclis Elettra, et Euripidus Andromache,” Brunck, Richard Francis Frederick a celebrated Greek scholar and critic

“Sophoclis Oedipus Tyrannus, et Euripidis Orestes,” Brunck, Richard Francis Frederick a celebrated Greek scholar and critic

Died: Buck, Samuel was an ingenious English engraver

Died: Burman, John father of the preceding

“Code of Health and Longevity,” Cornaro, Lewis a Venetian of noble extraction

“New observations on England,” Coyer, L'Abbé who was born at Baumeles-Nones in Franche-Comtt;

“Felsina Pittrice.” Crespi, Joseph Maria sometimes called La Spagnuolo

Died: Delius, Christopehr Traugott a learned German mineralogist

“Collectio judiciorum de novis erroribus.” Dolet, Stephen a voluminous French writer

“Lucius’unius Brutus,” Downman, Hugh an ingenious physician and poet

“De la passion du Jeu,” Dussaulx, John a French writer of distinguished taste and talents

“Catalogus Musei Caesarei Vindobonensis Nummorum veterum,” Eckhel, Joseph Hilary an eminent antiquary and medallist

“Prior’s Works,” Evans, Thomas a bookseller of London

“Peck’s Desiderata Curiosa,” Evans, Thomas a bookseller of London

“Daemoniacs. An enquiry into the Heathen and the Scripture doctrine of Daemons, in which the hypothesis of the rev. Mr. Farmer and others on the subject are particularly considered,” Fell, John a dissenting minister of considerable learning

Died: Fleming, Caleb a dissenting minister

“A Letter to the right Honourable the earl of Sandwich,” Forster, George son of the preceding

“Select Satires of Horace,” Geddes, Alexander a Roman catholic divine

“A Vindication of somepassages in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Chapters of the History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. By the author,” Gibbon, Edward an eminent English historian

“A short Appeal to the public. By the gentleman who is particularly addressed in the postscript of the Vindication,” Gibbon, Edward an eminent English historian

“Palasologia therapirc,” Hebenstreit, John Ernest a celebrated physician and philologer of Leipsic

Died: Hervey, Augustus John third earl of Bristol

Died: Hudson, Thomas a portrait-painter of some celebrity

“Experiments on Vegetables, discovering their great power of purifying the common air in sunshine, but injuring it in the shade or night.” Ingenhouz, John an eminent physician and chemist

Died: Kalm, Peter a very celebrated naturalist

“L‘homme pensant, ou Essai sur l’histoire de l'esprit humain,” Levesque, Peter Charles a learned French writer

“A short History of the Opposition during the last session of parliament,” Macpherson, James an author whose fame rests chiefly on his being the editor of Ossian’s poems

“The History and Management of the East India Company, from its origin in 1600 to the present times, vol. I. containing the affairs of the Carnatic; in which the rights of the nabob are explained, and the injustice of the company proved,” Macpherson, James an author whose fame rests chiefly on his being the editor of Ossian’s poems

“Tombeau de J. J. Rousseau,” Marechal, Peter Sylvanus a miscellaneous French writer

“Le Livre de tous les ages,” Marechal, Peter Sylvanus a miscellaneous French writer

Died: Mengs, Antony Raphael a celebrated modern painter

“Free thoughts on the inconsistency of conforming to any religious test, as a condition of Toleration, with the true principle of Protestant Dissent,” Palmer, John a dissenting writer of the last century

“Observations in defence of the Liberty of Man, as a moral agent; in answer to Dr. Priestley’s Illustrations of Philosophical Necessity,” Palmer, John a dissenting writer of the last century

“Remarks on that kind of Palsy of the lower Limbs, which is frequently found to accompany a Curvature of the Spine, and is supposed to be caused by it; together with its Method of Cure,” Pott, Percival an English surgeon of the highest eminence (17131788)

Died: Rawlinson, Richard an eminent antiquary

“Notices historiques et critiques sur deux manuscrits de la bibliotheque du due de la Valliere,” Rive, John Joseph a French writer

“Collection of Castiliian poetry anterior to the fifteenth century, to which are prefixed memoirs of the first marquis of Santillane, and a letter addressed to the constable of Portugal, on the origin of Spanish poetry,” Sanchez, Thomas Anthony a learned Spaniard

“De custodia aegrorum,” Strack, Charles a very skilful German physician and writer

“De fraudibus conductorum nutricum,” Strack, Charles a very skilful German physician and writer

“Observations concerning the public Law and Constitutional History of Scotland,” Stuart, Gilbert a Scottish historian

“Selecta quaedam Theocriti Idyllia,” Theocritus an ancient Greek poet

“The English Green-box,” Tickell, Richard an ingenious writer

“Instructions sur la religion naturelle,” Trembley, Abraham an eminent naturalist

Died: Watson, Sir William eminent for his skill in botany and electricity

Died: West, Thomas the ingenious author of “The History of Furness

Died: Wilkes, John a very singular political character in the early part of the present reign

“A farther Enquiry into the case of the Gospel-Demoniacs, occasioned by Mr. Farmer’s on the subject,” Worthington, William a learned English divine