Schmidt, Erasmus

, an excellent Greek scholar, was born at Delitzch in Misnia, 1560, and became eminent for his skill in the Greek tongue and in the mathematics; both which, although they are accomplishments seldom found in the same person, he professed with great reputation for many years at Wittemberg, where he died in 1637. He | published an edition of “Pindar” in 1616, 4to, with a Latin version and learned notes. While Heyne finds many defects in this edition, he honours the editor with the title of “Editorum Pindari facile princeps.” He wrote notes also upon Lycophron, Dionysius Periegetes, and Hesiod which last was published at Geneva in Jfi93 an excellent Concordance to the Greek Testament,“fol. the best edition of which is that of 1717 and a” Commentary on the New Testament," much esteemed, Argent. 1650, fol. 1