Schilter, John

, an eminent jurist, was born at Pegaw in Misnia, Aug. 29, 1632, and studied at Leipsic and Naumberg, where in 1651, he removed for two years to Jena, and then completed his course at Leipsic. In 1655 he took the degree of doctor in philosophy, as he did the same in the faculty of law at Strasburgh some years after. He practised for gome time as an advocate at Naumberg, where prince Maurice of Saxe made him keeper of his | archives, and intendant or director of the territory of Sul in the county of Henneberg. About 1686 he accepted an invitation to Strasburgh, where he was appointed counsellor and advocate of the state, and honorary professor of the academy. He died there, May 14, 1705, in the seventythird year of his age. He wrote a great many volumes on subjects connected with antiquities and with his profession, the principal of which are, 1. “Codex juris Alemannici feudalis,1696, 3 vols. 4to. 2. “Thesaurus antiquitatum Teutonicarum,1728, 3 vols. fol. a posthumous publication, eJited by Scherzius at Uhn. 3. “Institutiones Canonici,1721, 8vo, in which he endeavours to reconcile the canon law to that in use among the protestant churches. 4. “Institutiones juris publici,1696, 2 vols. 8vo, one of his first, and a very learned work. 1