Torquemada, John De

, a celebrated Dominican, better known by the name of Turrecremata, was born in 1388, of an illustrious family at Valladolid. He attended the council of Constance in 1417, was admitted doctor of the Sorbonne in 1429, held some important offices in his order, and became master of the sacred palace. Pope EugeniusIV. sent him to the council of Basil, where he strenuously supported the court of Rome. He was created | cardinal in 1439, did oreat services to his order, and died at Rome, September 26, 14-68, aged eighty. His works are, “Commentaries on Gratian’s Decretal,Venice, 157S, 5 torn. a treatise “On the Church and the Papal Authority,Venice, 1562, fol. “Expositio super toto Psalterio,Rome, 1470, 4to, reprinted in 1472, and at Mentz in 1474 “Medltatione*,Rome, 1467, often reprinted in the same century, and all now of great rarity. He wrote also various others in Latin, in which, says L’Avocat, he servilely defends the Ultramontane opinions, like a slave to the court of Rome, rather than like an impartial divine, and a bishop. He was unquestionably an excessive bigot, and of a most persecuting spirit. Father Touron has written his life. 1


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