Turselin, Horace

, a learned and indefatigable Jesuit of Rome, was born in 1545, and taught rhetoric in that city with reputation during twenty years, and was afterwards rector of several colleges. He promoted the study of the belles lettres in his society, and died at Rome, April 6, 1599, aged 54. His principal works, | are, 1. “The Life of St. Francis Xavier;” the best edition of this is that of 1596, 4to. On this work we shall have occasion to make some remarks in our article of Xavier. 2. “The History of Loretto,” 8vo. 3. A treatise on the Latin Particles. 4. “An Abridgment of Universal History,” from the creation to 1598, &c. All the above are in elegant Latin. The best editions of his Universal History are those which have a continuation by father Philip Briet, from 1618 to 1661. The best French translation of it is by the abbe Lagneau, Paris, 1757, 4 vols. 12mo, with notes. 1