Zacchias, Paul

, physician to pope Innocent X. was born in 1584, at Rome, and cultivated the belles lettres, poetry, music, painting, and all the sciences; which, however, did not prevent his being one of the best physicians of his time. He died 1659, at Rome, aged seventy-five. His works are, “Queestiones Medico-legales;” of which there are several editions; among others, Lyons, 1726, i torn, folio. This is an excellent work; it contains great learning and judgment, with solid reasoning, and is very | Necessary for divines and canonists, in cases where medicine and surgery are connected with the civil and ecclesiastical laws. He wrote also a treatise in Italian, entitled “La Vita quadragesimale,” for avoiding the dispensations of Lent, Rome, 1673, 8vo; and three books, in the same language, “On Hypochondriacal Diseases,Venice, 1665, 4to, &c. 1


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