Events noted in 1807

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1806 1808


Died: Abeille, Louis Paul was born at Toulouse

“Cours elementaire de Bibliographic, ou la Science du Bibliothecaire,” Achard, Claude Francis a French physician

Died: Acrel, Olaus a very eminent Swedish surgeon and physician

Died: Asch, George Thomas Baron D' an eminent Russian physician

Died: Atwood, George an eminent mathematician

Died: Banks, Thomas an eminent English sculptor

Died: Berenger, John Peter a French miscellaneous writer

Died: Bernoulli, John the grandson of the preceding John

Died: Broussonet, Peter Augustus Maria an eminent French naturalist

“Observations sur les affections Catarrhales,” Cabanis, Peter John George a French physician of considerable eminence

Died: Carey, George Savile son of the above

Died: Carr, John LL. D. many years an eminent schoolmaster at Hertford

Died: Charnock, John esq. F. S. A. an ingenious but unfortunate writer

Died: Cottin, Sophia De a French lady of considerable talents

Died: De Lolme, John Louis a political writer of great abilities

Died: Douglas, John the late learned bishop of Salisbury

Died: Geddes, Alexander a Roman catholic divine

Died: Gilpin, Sawrey a late artist

Died: Gin, Peter Louis Claude a voluminous and useful French writer of the last century

Died: Gordon, William an Anglo-American divine and historian

“Brian Perdue,” Holcroft, Thomas a dramatic and miscellaneous writer and translator

“The mild Tenour of Christianity, an Essay, (elucidated from Scripture and History; containing a new illustration of the characters of several eminent personages,)” Jerningham, Edward an elegant English poet

Died: Kauffman, Mary Angelica a female artist

Died: Lalande, Joseph Jerome Francis a very celebrated French astronomer

Died: Merian, John Bernard perpetual secretary of the academy of sciences at Berlin

Died: Miller, Edward Mus. D. younger brother of the preceding

Died: Paoli, Pascal De a very distinguished character in modern times

“Miroir ardent,” Puy, Louis Du perpetual secretary of the academy of inscriptions and belles lettres

“Comments on the Commentators on Shakspeare with preliminary observations on his genius and writings, and on the labours of those who have endeavoured to elucidate them,” Pye, Henry James a late English poet

Died: Sabbathier, Francis a learned French writer

“Life of Thuanus,” Threlkeld, Caleb a natural historian

Died: Valmont De Bomare, James Christopher an eminent French naturalist

Died: Vincent, William the late learned dean of Westminster