Abati, Antony

[also known as Antonio Abati]

, an Italian poet of the 17th century, enjoyed much reputation during his life. He was in the service of the archduke Leopold of Austria, and travelled in France and the Netherlands. On his return to Italy, he was successively governor of several small towns in the ecclesiastical state. He died at Sinagaglia, in 1667, after a long illness. The emperor Ferdinand III. made a bad acrostic in honour of his memory, but does not appear | to have been a very liberal patron, while he was living He wrote 1. “Ragguaglio di Parnasso contra poetastri e partegiani delle nazioni,Milan, 1638, 8vo. 2. “Le Frascherie, fasci tre,” satirical poems, with some prose, Venice, 1651, 8vo. 3. “Poesie postume,Bologna, 1671, 8vo. 4. “II Consiglip degli Dei, dramma per musica,” &c. Bologna 1671, written on occasion of the Peace between France and Spain, and the marriage of Louis XIII. to the Infanta of Spain.1


Biographic Universelle, 1811.