Bertel, John

, in Latin Bertelius,

was born at Louvain, and, in 1576, embraced the monastic life, in the monastery of St. Benedict, of which he was abbé for nineteen years. He then removed to the abbey of Echternach, but was taken prisoner by the Dutch in 1596, and was not released without paying a very large sum. He died at Echternach, June 19, 1607. He published, 1. “In regulam D. Benedicti, dialogi viginti sex catalogus et series abbatum Externacensium” (of Echternach) Cologne, 1581, 8vo. 2. “Historia Luxemburgensis, seu Commentarius quo ducum Luxemburgensium ortus, progressus ac res gestæ accurate describuntur,Cologne, 1605, 4to. At the end of this is a dissertation on the gods and sacrifices of the ancient inhabitants of Luxemburgh. The “Respublica Luxemburgica,” one of Bleau’s little “Republics,1635, 24mo, was merely an extract from Bertel’s history. 2


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