Besler, Michael Robert

, a physician at Nuremberg, the son of Jerome and nephew of Basil, who was born in 1601, and died in 1661, wrote, 1. “Gazophylacium rerum naturalium,” Nuremberg, 1642, with thirtyfjur plates; Leipsic, 1733, fol. with thirty-five plates, forming a continuation of his uncle Besler’s work. In 1716, J. Henry Lochner repaired the plates, and with some additions to the text, published them under the title of “Rariora mussel Besleriani,” Nuremberg, 1716, fol. 2. “Admirandae fabrics humanae mulieris partium, &c. delineatio,” Nuremberg, 1640, folio, the figures as large as life, and on copper- plate. 3. “Observatio anatomico-medica, &c.” an account of a monstrous birth, Nuremberg, 1642, 4to. 4. “Mantissa ad viretum stirpium Eystettense-Beslerianum,” ibid. 1646 and 1648, fol. forming a supplement to the “Hortus Eystettensis.2


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