Bottoni, Albertino

, a physician, descended of an illustrious family of Parma, was born at Padua in the beginning of the sixteenth century, and in 1555 became professor of medicine in that city, where he was esteemed for his talents and success as a practitioner. He died in 1596, leaving behind him an immense property, an elegant house, &c. He published, l.“De Vita conservanda,Padua, 1582, 4to. 2. “De morbis muliebribus,” ibid. 1585, and twice reprinted, besides in the collections of Bauhine and Spachius. 3. “Consilia medica,” Francfort, 1605, 4to. in Lautenbach’s collection. 4. “De modo discurrendi circa morbos eosdem curandi tractatus,” ibid. 1607, 12mo. with the Pandects of John George Schenck. An edition was afterwards published at Francfort in 1695, 8vo, with the title, “Methodus medicinales duae,” &c. 2


Dict. Hist.Moreri. —Haller and Mangct.