Bourdelot, Peter Bonnet

, physician in ordinary to Louis XIV. and first physician to the duchess of Burgundy, was sister’s son to the preceding P. Michon Bourdelot, who enjoined him to change his name from Bonnet to Bourdelot, on the same terms that himself adopted that name, viz. his library and fortune. P. Bonnet Bourdelot was a skilful physician, and a man of general literature. He wrote some useful notes on the “Bibliotheque choisie de M. Colomies,” which were added to the Paris edition of 1731, and left a manuscript catalogue of all printed medical works, with lives and criticisms on the authors. He wrote also some papers on the history of music, which were used by his brother Bonnet in his “Histoire de la Musique,1715. He died in 1709, aged fifty-four. 2


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