Calvert, Frederick

, Lord Baltimore, a descendant of the preceding, and eldest son of Charles, the sixth lord, was born in 1731, and succeeded to the title on the death of his father in 1751, and also to the proprietorship of Maryland. After returning from his travels he married lady Diana Egerton, youngest daughter of the duke of Bridgwater. In 1768 he was indicted at the Kingston assizes for a rape, but acquitted. He went soon after to reside on the continent, and died at Naples, Sept. 14, 1771, without issue by marriage, leaving his fortune to his sister, Mrs. Eden. In 1767, he published “A Tour to the East in the years 1763 and 1764, with remarks on the city of 'Constantinople and the Turks. Also select pieces of Oriental wit, poetry, and wisdom,” Lond. 1767. This book abounds with quotations from the Roman classics, many of which his lordship has translated into very indifferent prose. He also published, but in a confined way, a collection, the title of which is “Gaudia Poetica, Latina, Anglica, et Gallica, Lingua composita, anuo 1769. Augustse Litteris Spathianis, 1770.” It is dedicated, in Latin, to Lin­Ikeiis, and consists of various pieces in Latin, French, and English, prose and verse, of very little merit. A copy, the only one said to be known in this country *, was sold at Mr. Isaac Reed’s sale, who likewise had another performance of his lordship’s, equally rare, and valued only for its rarity, entitled “Coelestes et Inferi,” Venetiis, 1771, 4to. The former was sold for 6l. 10s. and the latter for half a guinea. 2


Park’s edit. of Lord Orford’s Royal and Noble Authors.