Events noted in 1767

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1766 1768


Died: Abauzit, Firmin was born at Uzes on the llth of November 1679

Publication: “A Discourse on reforms in Surgical Operations,” by Acrel, Olaus physician

Publication: “Tyrolis chorographia delineata e Petro An-ich et BlasioHueber, curante Ign. Weinhart.” by Anich, Peter astronomer

Publication: “L'Esprit de la Ligue; ou histoire politique des troubles de France pendant les 16 et 17 siecles,” by Anquetil, Lewis-Peter historian

Publication: “An Elegy on the death of the marquis of Tavistock,” by Anstey, Christopher poet

Died: Antonelli, Nicholas Maria count of Pergola

Died: Asselin, Giles Thomas doctor of theSorbonne

Publication: “Le Botaniste Francis,” by Barbeu Du Bourg, James physician

Publication: “The pillars of Priestcraft and Orthodoxy shaken.” by Baron, Richard a dissenting minister

Publication: “Critica Hebraea, or a Hebrew-English Dictionary without points,” by Bate, Julius divine

Publication: “Eugenie,” by Beaumarchais, Peter Augustin Caron De writer

Publication: “Theoria Cochleae. Archimedis,” by Belgrado, James mathematician

Publication: “A Caution to Great Britain and her Colonies, in a short representation of the calamitous state of the enslaved negroes in the British dominions,” by Benezet, Anthony an American philanthropist

Publication: “Philodamus,” by Bentley, Richard was a man of various and considerable accomplishments (?–1782)

Publication: “A Magazine of Police and Administration, in alphabetical order,” by Bergius, John Henry Louis writer

Publication: “Descriptiones plantarum ex Capite Boinc Spei,” by Bergius, Peter Jonas physician

Publication: “A collection of Latin and French poems,” by Bignicourt, Simon De a counsellor of the presklial of Rheims

Publication: “Joseph,” by Bitaube', Paul Jeremiah poet

Publication: “De l'influence cles Belles-lettres sur la Philosophic,” by Bitaube', Paul Jeremiah poet

Publication: “Pseudo-critica Millio-Bengeliana,” by Bode, Christopher Augustus a learned professor of the university of Helmstadt

Publication: “Regulus,” by Brunswick-Oels, Frederick Augustus, Duke Of a general of infantry in the Prussian army

Publication: “Observations and Inquiries relating to various parts of Ancient History: containing Dissertations on the wind Euroclydon, and on the Island Melite, together with an account of Egypt in its most early state, and of the Shepherd Kings; wherein the time of their coming, the province which they particularly possessed, and to which the Israelites afterwards succeeded, is endeavoured to be stated. The whole calculated to throw light on the history of that ancient kingdom, as well as on the histories of the Assyrians, Chaldeans, Babylonians, Edomites, and other nations,” by Bryant, Jacob one of the most learned English scholars of the eighteenth century

Died: Burnett, James lord Monboddo

Publication: “A Tour to the East in the years 1763 and 1764, with remarks on the city of 'Constantinople and the Turks. Also select pieces of Oriental wit, poetry, and wisdom,” by Calvert, Frederick Lord Baltimore

Publication: “Projet d'aneaniirla Petiteverole,” by Camus, Antony Le physician

Died: Carpentier, Peter prior of Doncheri

Publication: “Cours abrege d'osteologie,” by Cat, Claude Nicholas Le physician

Publication: “Six Assemblies; or Ingenious Conversations of learned men among the Arabians, &c. formerly published by the celebrated Schultens, in Arabic and Latin, with large notes and observations, &c.” by Chappelow, Leonard scholar

Died: Colman, George an eminent dramatic author and manager

Died: Cowper, William practised physic many years at Chester with great reputation

Died: Crusius, Christian professor of eloquence at Wittemberg

Publication: “Opuscula ad historiam et humanitatis literas spectantia,” by Crusius, Christian professor of eloquence at Wittemberg

Publication: “Account of Discoveries in the South Pacific Ocean before 1764,” by Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

Publication: “A catalogue of the lords of session, from the institution of the college of justice, in 1532, with historical notes,” by Dalrymple, David antiquary

Died: Denne, John antiquary

Publication: “Sermon at the Consecration of Bishop Moss, in 1766,” by Dodwell, William was born at Shottesbrooke

Publication: “The Sick Man’s Companion; or the Clergyman’s Assistant in visiting the Sick; with a Dissertation on Prayer,” by Dodwell, William was born at Shottesbrooke

Publication: “The Prayer, on laying the foundation stone of the Salisbury infirmary, subjoined to dean Greene’s Infirmary Sermon,” by Dodwell, William was born at Shottesbrooke

Publication: “The arithmetic of infinites, and the differential method, illustrated by examples. The elements of the conic sections, demonstrated in three books,” by Emerson, William mathematician

Publication: “Tables and Tracts, relative to several arts and sciences,” by Ferguson, James philosopher

Publication: “Examen des faits qui servent de fondement a la religipn Chretienne,” by Francois, Laurence writer

Publication: “Examination of the Apologists for Christianity,” by Freret, Nicolas an author of profound learning and considerable abilities

Died: Ged, William artist

Publication: “Rhetoric,” by Gibbons, Thomas divine

Publication: “State of his Collation,” by Gill, John divine

Publication: “Traite de Peloquence de barreau,” by Gin, Peter Louis Claude writer

Died: Goujet, Claude Peter a canon of St

Publication: “Sermons,” by Griffet, Henry writer

Publication: “De l'exploitation des Bois, ou moyen de tirer parti des taillis demi futayes et hautes futayes;” by Hamel Du Monceau, Henry Lewis Du writer

Publication: “The Amaranth” by Harte, Walter divine

Publication: “Anni rustici Januarius,” by Heerkens, Gerard Nicholas a native of Groningen

Publication: “Ephemerides Astronomical ad meridianum Vindobonensem,” by Hell, Maximilian astronomer

Born: Hone, Nathaniel was born in Dublin in 1767

Publication: “Syntagma Dissertationum et Opuscula,” by Hyde, Dr. Thomas writer

Publication: “Edgehill,” by Jago, Richard poet

Publication: “Theorie des Lois,” by Linguet, Simon Nicholas Henry writer

Died: Lye, Edward antiquary

Publication: “Answer to the narrative of facts respecting the rectory of Aldwinckle,” by Madan, Martin preacher

Died: Marin, Michael Angelo writer

Publication: “Nautical Almanac, and Astronomical Ephemeris.” by Maskelyne, Nzvil astronomer

Died: Massac, John Baptist painter

Died: Maubert, De Gouvest, John Henry a noted political adventurer

Died: Menard, Leo a counsellor in the presidial court at Nismes

Publication: “Annotations, critical, &c. on the Gospel of St. John, to the end of the third chapter,” by Merrick, James divine and poet

Publication: “Prometheus” by Morell, Thomas scholar

Publication: “De recto philosophies recentis in theologia 'usu, dissertatio,” by Munoz, John Baptist historian

Publication: “Remains of Japhet being historical inquiries into the affinity and origin of the European languages,” by Parsons, James physician

Publication: “In Thorns? Dempsteri Libros de Etruria regali Paralipomena, quibus tabula? eidem operi additsG illustrantur. Accedunt dissertatio de re numaria Etruscorum; de nominibus Etruscorum; et notoe in tabulas Eugabinas, auctore I. Baptista Passerio,” by Passeri, John Baptist antiquary

Died: Perau, Gabriel Louis Calabre a French author

Died: Postlethwayt, Malachi writer

Died: Premontval, Peter Le Guay De of the academy of sciences at Berlin

Publication: “History of Electricity,” by Priestley, Joseph divine (17331804)

Publication: “Dido,” by Reed, Joseph writer

Died: Rolli, Paul Antonio a learned Italian

Born: Rose, Samuel a learned barrister

Died: Russel, George a man of learning and ingenuity

Publication: “A Letter to Archdeacon Blackburn,” by Rutherforth, Thomas divine

Publication: “The Life of Maecenas,” by Schomberg, Isaac one of a family of physicians of some note in their day (?–1780)

Publication: “Comparative History of the Increase and Decrease of Mankind in England, and several countries abroad, &c.” by Short, Thomas physician

Died: Silhouette, Stephen De writer

Publication: “Sermons,” by Soanen, John son of Matthew Soanen

Publication: “Inquiry into the principles of Political Œconorny” by Stewart-Den Ham, Sir Jamks writer

Publication: “Elementa Physicae,” by Torre, John Maria De La philosopher

Publication: “Clandestine Marriage,” by Townley, James a learned master of Merchant Taylors’ school

Died: Vattel, Emer De, an eminent publicist

Publication: “The History of the Rehellion and Civil War in Ireland,” by Warner, Ferdinando writer

Publication: “Monumenti Inediti,” by Winkelman, Abbe John antiquary

Died: Yorke, Philip a relation of the Hardwicke family

Died: Zincke, Christian Frederick painter