Cordus, Euricius

, called by Melchior Adam, Henry Urban, a physician and poet, was a native of Simmershuys in Hesse. To assist himself in the prosecution of his studies, he undertook the business of private tutor, and while thus employed, had the good fortune to attract the notice of Erasmus, but his openness of character is said to have procured him enemies among men of less liberal minds. In 1521 he went to Italy, where he attached himself in a particular manner to the study of botany collecting and examining a number of rare plants, and diligently comparing them with the descriptions of them left by Dioscorides. At Ferrara he took the degree of doctor in medicine, which he afterwards taught at Erfurt and Marpurg. In 1535 he went to Bremen, where he remained until his death, in 1533. He was author of several, and some very valuable, works. His “Treatise on the English Sweating Sickness” was published at Fribourg, in 1529, 4to; and in 1532, he gave a Latin version of the Tberiaca, and Alexipharmica of Nicander. His “Botanologicon, sive Colloquium de Herbis,” was printed at Colonna, in 1534, and is commended by Haller, and was several times reprinted; and his “De Abusu Uroscopirc,” in 1546, at Francfort. His Latin poems were published in the “Deliciae Poet. Germ.1


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