Falster, Christian

, was a celebrated Danish critic and philologer of Flensburg, the exact time of whose birth and death we have not been able to learn. His chief works, which are all of a curious and interesting nature, and published between the years 1717 and 1731, are: 1. “Supplementum Lingua Latinae,” consisting of | observations on Cellarius’s edition of Faber; Flensburg, 1717. 2. “Animadversiones Epistolicae,” of a similar nature, published at the same place and time. 3. “Quaestiones Romanae,” containing an idea of the literary history of the Romans, with memorials of eminent writers and works; Flensburg, 1718. 4. “Cogitationes Philologicae,” Lips. 1719. 5. “Sermo Panegyricus de variarum gentium bibliothecis,” ibid. 1720. 6. “Vigilia prima noctium Ripensium,” containing observations on A. Gellius, Hafnicc, 1721. 7. “Amcenitates Philologicae,” Amst. 1729 32, 3 vols. And, 7. “A Danish translation of the fourteenth satire of Juvenal,” Hafn. 1731, in 4to, the rest are 8vo. 1