Fitzherbert, Nicholas

, grandson also to sir Anthony Fitzherbert, and cousin to Thomas, was born about 1550, and became a student of Exeter college in Oxford. About 1572, be left his native country, parents, and patrimony, for religion, as a voluntary exile. At first he settled at Bologna in Italy, 'to obtain the knowledge of the civil law, and was there in 1580. Not long after he went to Rome, and in 1587 began to live, as his secretary, in the family of William Alan, the cardinal of England. He continued with him till his death, after having distinguished himself by his knowledge in the laws, and in polite literature. He was unfortunately drowned, 1612, in a journey he made from Rome. He published the following pieces: 1. “Casao Galataei de bonis moribus,1595; a translation from Italian. 2. “Oxoniensis in Anglia Academiae Descriptio,1602. 3. “De Antiquitate et Continuatione Catholicse Religionis in Anglia,1608. 4. “Vitse Cardinalis Alani Epitome,1608: all printed at Rome. He also wrote the life of that cardinal, who was his patron, more at large; which, for reasons of state, was never published. 1


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