Hartzheim, Joseph

, a celebrated Jesuit, was born at Cologne in 1694, of a patrician family, and taught the belles lettres there until he went to Milan, on being appointed professor of Greek and Hebrew. On his return to his own country, he acquired much celebrity as a preacher and as a professor of philosophy and divinity. He died in 1763; his principal works were, l.“Summa historic omnis ab exordio rerum ad annum a Christo nato 1718,” Luxembourg, 1718, ISmo. 2. “De initio metropoleos ecclesiasticae Coloniae, &c. disquisitio,Cologne, 1731, 4to. 3. “Bibliotheca scriptorum Coloniensium,” ibid. 1747, folio. 4. “Dissertationes decem historico-criticx in sacram scripturam,” fol. 5. “Inscriptionis Herseliensis Ubio-Romanse explanatio,Cologne, 1745, 8vo. He was also employed for many years of his life in the publication of a collection of the “Councils of the church of Germany,” which had been projected by Schannat, a learned ecclesiastic, who had collected materials for the purpose. These, on his death, were put into the hands of Hartzheim, who after augmenting and reducing them to order, published the first four volumes. The work was afterwards continued by Scholl and Neissen. 1

1 Dict. Hist. Saxii Oncoiait.