Huber, Mary

, a voluminous female author, was born at Geneva in 1710, and died at Lyons in 1753. Her principal works are, 1. “Le monde fou, prefere au monde sage,1731—1744, in 8vo. 2. “Le Systeme des Theologiens anciens et modernes, sur l’etat des Ames separees des corps,1731—1739, 12mo. 3. “Suite du meme ouvrage, servant de reponse a M. Ruchat,1731—1739, 12mo. 4. “Reduction du Spectateur Anglois.” This was an abridgment of the Spectator, and appeared in 1753, in six parts, duodecimo; but did not succeed. 5. “Lettres sur la Religion essentielle a l’homme,1739 1754. Mary Huber was a protestant, and this latter work, in particular, was attacked by the divines of the Romish communion. She had wit and knowledge, but was sometimes obscure, from wanting the talent to develope her own ideas. 2