Hughes, Jabez

, was the younger brother of Mr. John Hughes, and, like him, a votary of the Muses, and an excellent scholar. He was born in 1685. He published, in 1714, in 8vo, a translation of “The Rape of | Proserpine,” from Claudian, and “The Story of Sektus and Erictho,” from Lucan’s “Pharsalia,” book vi. These translations, with notes, were reprinted in 1723, 12mo. He also published, in 1717, a translation of Suetonius’ s “Lives of the Twelve Caesars,” and translated several “Novels” from the Spanish of Cervantes, which are inserted in the “Select Collection of Novels and Histories,” printed for Watts, 1729. He died Jan. 17, 1731. A posthumous volume of his “Miscellanies in Verse and Prose” was published in 1737. His widow accompanied the lady of governor Byng to Barbadoes, and died there in 1740. 1


Nichols’s Select Collection of Poems.