Langius, Joseph

, a learned mathematician of the sixteenth century, was a native of Keiserberg in Upper Alsatia, and was professor of Greek and mathematics at Friburg about the year 1610. Two years after, he wrote his “Elementale Mathematicum,” which, according to Vossius, was not printed until five years afterwards. It was, in 1625, much improved and published by Isaac Habrecht, a philosopher and physician. Langius’s previous works were, an edition of “Martial,” Strasburgh, 1595, 12mo, and a “Florilegium,” in 1598, 8vo, which, at the distance of some years, was followed by a folio, entitled, “Polyanthea nova.” This, which Bayle reckons the third compilation of the kind, was printed at Geneva, | in 1600, and often since. Langius also published an edition of “Juvenal and Persius,” at Friburgh, in 1608. ATyrocinium Graecarum Literarum,” in 1607; and a collection entitled “Adagia, sive Sententise proverbiales.” We have no account of his personal history, unless that, after living many years in the Protestant communion, he became a Roman Catholic; but when he died is not specified. 1


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