Langhorne, Daniel

, an English antiquary, and a native of London, was admitted of Trinity college, Cambridge, Oct. 23, 1649, where he became scholar in 1652, took the degree of B. A. in 1654, and that of M. A. in 1657. He continued there probably till 1662, when he had a licence from the bishop of Ely for officiating in Trinity church in that city, and was elected fellow of Corpus Chrjsti the year following. This occasioned him to proceed B. D. in 1664, when he was appointed one of the university preachers; and continued his studies there until his institution to the vicarage of Layston cum Capella de Alsewych in Hertfordshire, Sept. 3, 1670, which vacated his fellowship next year. He held this benefice to the time of his death in 1681. He was the author of “E’tnchus Antiquitaturn Albionensium,” Lond. 1673, 8vo, with an appendix in 1674; and of “Chronicon Regum Anglorum,” Lond. 1679, 8vo. A continuation of this was promised, which his death prevented. The ms. of it was said to be in a private hand, under the title of “Dan. | Langhornii Chronici Anglorum Continuatio, vel Pars Secunda, ab A. C. 800 ad 978.1

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