Launay, Peter De

, a learned and judicious protestant writer, was born 157S, at Blois, descended from one of the most respectable families in that city. At the age of forty, he resigned a post in the exchequer, the title of king’s secretary, and all prospects of advancement, that he might devote himself entirely to the sacred writings; and from that time till he was eighty-nine, rose constantly at four in the morning, to read and meditate on Scripture. The French protestants placed an extraordinary confidence in him. He was deputed to all the synods of his province, and to almost every national synod held in his time, and died in 1662, greatly lamented. His works are, “Paraphrases” on all St. Paul’s Epistles, on Daniel, Ecclesiastes, the Proverbs, and Revelations; and “Remarks on the Bible, or an Explanation of the difficult words, phrases, and metaphors, in the Holy Scriptures,Geneva, 1667, 4to. These two works are much valued. He wrote also a treatise “De la Sainte C6ne,” and another, “Sur le Millénarisme.2