Lauriere, Eusebius James De

, a celebrated lawyer, and learned advocate of the parliament of Paris, was born July 31, 1659, and was the son of James de Lauriere, a surgeon. He attended but little to the bar, his life being almost wholly spent in study, in the course of which he explored, with indefatigable pains, every part of the French law, both ancient and modern, formed friendships with | men of learning, and was esteemed by all the most able magistrates. He died at Paris, January 9, 1728, aged 69, leaving many valuable works, some of which he wrote ill conjunction with Claude Berroyer, another eminent advocate of Paris. The principal are, 1. “De l‘origine du Droit d’Amortissement,1692, 12mo; 2. “Texte des Coutumes de la Prévôté et Vicomté de Paris, avec des Notes,” 12mo; 3. “Bibltotheque des Coutumes,” 4to 4. M. Loisel’s “Instituts Coutumiers,” with notes, Paris, 1710, 2 vols. 12mo, a very valuable edition; 5. “Traite* des Institutions et des Substitutions contractuelles,” 2 vols. 12mo. 6. The first and second volumes of the collection of “Ordinances” of the French kings, which valuable and very interesting work has been continued by M. Secousse, a member of the academy of inscriptions and belles-lettres, and M. de Villeraut, to 11 vols. fol. 7. “Le Glossaire du Droit François,1704, 4to, &c. 1


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