Maier, Michael

, a celebrated German alchymist and rosicrucian of the seventeenth century, who sacrificed his health, his fortune, his time, and his understanding, to those ruinous follies, wrote many works, all having reference, more or less, to the principles or rather absurdities of his favourite study. The following are mentioned as the chief of these publications. 1. “Atalanta fugiens,1618, 4to, the most rare and curious of his works. 2. “Septimana philosophica,1620, 4to. In both these works he has given abundance of his reveries. 3. “Silentium post clamores, seu tractatus -Revelationum fratrum roseae Crucis,1617, 8vo. 4. “De fraternitate roseae Crucis,1618, 8vo. 5. “Jocus severus,1617, 4to. 6. “De rosea Cruce,1618, 4to. 7. “Apologeticus revelationum fratrum roseae Crucis,1617, 8vo. 8. “Cantilenas intellectuals,Rome, 1624. 9. “Museum Chymicum,1708, 4to. 10. “De Cnrculo physico-quadrato,1616, 4to. 2