Nary, Cornelius

, an Irish Roman catholic divine, of great learning, was born in the county of Kildare in 1660, and educated at Naas, in that county. In 1684 he received priest’s orders in the town of Kilkenny, and the year following went to Paris to pursue his studies in the Irish college, of which he was made afterwards provisor for about seven years. He took the degree of LL. D. in 1694, in the college of Cambray, and returning to London two years after, was appointed tutor to the earl of Antrim. He was afterwards made parish priest of St. Michan’s in Dublin, in which station he continued till his death, March | 3, 1738. His principal works, rather numerous, were of the controversial kind, in defence of popery against Mr. Clayton and others, who acknowledged his learning as well as the politeness of his style and moderation of his sentiments. It was this quality which enabled him to have his works printed both at Dublin and London without molestation. Those that are not strictly of the controversial kind were, 1 “The New Testament translated into English from the Latin, with marginal notes,” Lond. 1705, 1718, 8vo. 2. “A new History of the World; containing an historical and chronological account of the times and transactions from the creation to the birth of Christ, according to the computation of the Septuagint,” &c. Dublin, 1720, fol. 1


Moreri.—Harris’s edition of Ware.