Portus, Æmilius

, son of the preceding, was born in 1551, and like his father became an accomplished Greek scholar and critic. He taught Greek at Lausanne, and, as some say, in the university of Heidelberg. He died in 1610. Among his useful labours we may enumerate, 1. | An edition of “Euripides,” printed at Geneva in 1602, 4to, with his own notes and those of Canter, Brodaeus, and Stibilinus. This is a rare edition. 2. “Aristophanes,Geneva, 1607, fol. Gr. & Lat. 3. “Procli Diadochi commentaria in Platonis theologiam,” Gr. & Lat. Hamburgh,

1618, fol. 4. “Onosandri Strategicus,Geneva, 1600, 4to. 5. “Suidae Lexicon, Gr. & Lat.Colon. Allobr.

1619, (or as some copies have, Geneva, 1630,) 2 vols. fol. but this is the same edition. 6. “Aristotelis Ars Rhetorica,” Gr. & Lat. the translation by Æmilius Portus, and the commentary by his father, Spire, 1598, 8vo. 7. “Pindar,1598. Besides these he contributed notes to Leunclavius’s edition of “Xenophon,” translated into Latin Dionysius of Halicarnassus, and published a “Dictionarium Doricum Grseco-Latinum,1603, 8vo, a “Dict. lonicum,” Gr. & Lat. 8vo, lately reprinted at Oxford, and a “Lexicon Pindaricum,” &c. &C. 1