Womock, Lawrence

, an English prelate, was a native of Norfolk, born in 1612, and the son of Lawrence Womock, B. D. rector of Lopham and Fersfield in that county. He was admitted pensioner of Corpus Christi, Cambridge, July 4, 1629, and in October following was chosen a scholar of sir Nich. Bacon’s foundation. He took the degree of A. B. in 1632, was ordained deacon Sept. 21, 1634, and proceeded A.M. in 1639. He is supposed to have succeeded his father in the living of Lopham upcfi his diocese in 1642, but was ejected by the Norfolk committee for the examination of those who were deemed scandalous ministers, and appears to have been afterwards imprisoned for his principles of religion and loyalty, and to have suffered extreme hardships. After the restoration v | however, he was promoted by letters mandate to the degree of D. D. and made both archdeacon of Suffolk, Sept. 8, 1660, and a prebendary of Ely. In 1662 he was presented to the rectory of Horningsheath in Suffolk, and in 1663 to that of Boxford in the same county. He was at length promoted, but late in life, to the bishopric of St. David’s, Nov. 11, 1683, a preferment which, owing to his short continuance in it, was detrimental to his relations. He died March 12, 1685, aged seventy-three, and was buried near the remains of his only daughter in the south aile of the church of St. Margaret, Westminster, where, on a small compartment affixed to the pillar next the west end, is an inscription to his memory.

He is said to have been a man of wit and learning, and possessed of a very noble library. He was attached with much firmness to the constitution in church and state, and rejected all compromise with the principles of the dissenters. He took an active part in the controversies of the times, and was esteemed an antagonist worth contending with. His chief publications, besides some single serrrmns, were, “Beaten Oyle for the lamps of the Sanctuarie,” Jtond. 1641, 4to, in defence of the liturgy. “The Examination of Tilenus before the Triers/‘ London, 1.658, 8vo.” Arcana Dogmatum Anti-Remonstrantium,“1659, against Baxter, Hickman, and the Calvinists.” The Result of False Principles/’ in several dialogues, published anonymously, 1661, 4to. “Uniformity re-asserted,1661. “The Solemn League and Covenant arraigned and condemned,” Lond. 1661, 4to. “An Antidote to cure the Calamities of their trembling for fear of the Arke,” Lond. 1663, 4to. “The Verdict upon the Dissenters’ plot,1681, 8vo. “Two Letters containing a farther justification of the Church of England,” Lond. 1682. “Suffragium Protestantium, wherein our governors are justified in their impositions and proceedings against dissenters. Meisner also, and the verdict rescued from the cavils and seditious sophistry of Dr, Whitby’s Protestant Reconciler,” Lond. 1683, 8vo. 1

1 Bather Calimites, or followers of Mr. —Calamy. J Masters 1 C.C.C.C.