Events noted in 1795

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1794 1796


Died: Aa, Christian Charles Henry Vander a learned divine of the Lutheran persuasion

Died: Abercromby, Sir Ralph a British officer of great bravery and talents

“Pleasures of Imagination,” Akenside, Mark an English poet and physician

“On an Universal Character. In two letters to Edward Home, esq.” Anderson, James LL. D. an eminent agricultural writer

Died: Anfossi, Pascal an eminent Italian musician

Died: Balguy, Thomas son of the above

“Botany for ladies and amateurs,” Batsch, Augustus John George Charles a learned contributor to the science of Botany

“Memoires a Lerointre de Versailles, ou mes six Epoques,” Beaumarchais, Peter Augustin Caron De a French dramatic writer of modern celebrity

Died: Beurieu, Gaspard Guillard De a French miscellaneous writer

“Brown’s elements of Medicine, with a preface and notes,” Beddoes, Thomas a gentleman of Welch extraction

“Translation from the Spanish, of Gimbernat’s new method of operating on Femoral Hernia,” Beddoes, Thomas a gentleman of Welch extraction

“Outline of a plan for determining the medicinal powers of Factitious Airs,” Beddoes, Thomas a gentleman of Welch extraction

Died: Berkeley, George, Ll.D. Prebendary Of Canterbury second son of the preceding

“Acta Litteraria” Bernard, John Stephen a learned Dutch physician

Died: Bichat, Maria-Francis-Xavier a very celebrated French physician

Died: Bierkander, Claude an able naturalist

Died: Brequigny, Lewis George, Oudard De Feudrix a learned member of the French academy

“Encyclopædia of Mathematics,” Busch, John George an eminent teacher and writer on commerce

Died: Collinson, Peter was an ingenious botanist

Died: Conway, Henry Seymour an English officer and statesman

“The Poor Man’s Friend,” Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

“Considerations militaires et politiques sur les Fortifications,” Darci

“Vite dei Pittori” Dati, Charles professor of polite literature at Florence

Died: Demours, Peter a French physician

Died: Didot, Francis Ambrose an eminent French printer

Died: Ebert, John Arnold who was born at Hamburgh Feb. 8

Died: Ellis, John an eminent naturalist

“A short Essay on the Christian Religion, &c. the whole proposed as a preservative against the pernicious doctrines which have overwhelmed France with misery and desolation. By a sincere friend of mankind, London,” Eyre, Francis a Roman catholic gentleman of Warkworth castle in Northamptonshire

“A Letter to the Rev. Mr. Ralph Churton, &c. from Francis Eyre, of Warkworth, esq.” Eyre, Francis a Roman catholic gentleman of Warkworth castle in Northamptonshire

Died: Farr, Samuel an eminent physician at Taunton

Died: Flexman, Roger, D. D. a dissenting clergyman of considerable learning and industry

Died: Garnier, John James an ingenious French writer

“Ode to the Hon. Thomas Pelham, occasioned by his speech in the Irish House of Commons on the Catholic bill,” Geddes, Alexander a Roman catholic divine

Died: Herbert, William an eminent typographical antiquary

“Remarks on the Statement of Dr. Charles Combe,” Honain an Arabian

“Life” Hurd, Richard an eminent and accomplished prelate

“A Collection of Hymns and Psalms, for public and private Worship,” Kippis, Andrew an eminent dissenting divine and biographer

“The secret Journal of a Self-Observer,” Lavater, John Caspar the celebrated physiognomist

“Thucydides,” Levesque, Peter Charles a learned French writer

Died: Low, George a clergyman of Scotland

“A short account of the parish of Waterbeach, in the diocese of Ely, by a late Vicar,” Masters, Robert a divine and antiquary

“Historia del nuovo Mondo,” Munoz, John Baptist a Spanish historian

Died: Owen, Henry a learned English divine

“Recherches philosophiques, 1. surlesGrecs; 2. sur les Arnericains, les Egyptiens, et les Chinois,” Pauw, Cornelius De a native of Amsterdam

Died: Puy, Louis Du perpetual secretary of the academy of inscriptions and belles lettres

“The War Elegies of Tyrtseus imitated, and addressed to the people of Great Britain with some Observations on the Life and Poems of TyrtEeus,” Pye, Henry James a late English poet

“The Democrat; interspersed with Anecdotes of well-known Characters,” Pye, Henry James a late English poet

“Testament d'un electeur de Paris,” Reigny, Louis Abel Beffroi commonly called Cousin Jaques

Died: Rezzonico, Anthony Joseph, Count an excellent scholar

“Robin Hood; a collection of all the ancient Poems, Songs, affd Ballads, now extant, relative to that celebrated Outlaw. To which are added, Historical Anecdotes of his Life,” Ritson, Joseph a poetical critic and editor

“A serious exhortation to the Inhabitants of Great Britain, with reference to the approaching Fast,” Robinson, Thomas a late eminent divine at Leicester

“An address to the Loyal Leicester Volunteer Infantry,” Robinson, Thomas a late eminent divine at Leicester

“Meidani proverbiorum Arabicorurn pars. Latine vertit et notis illustravit H. A. Scultens. Opus posthumum,” Schultens, Henry Alp.Ert was born Feb. 15

Died: Scott, George Lewis a learned member of the royal society

Died: Southgate, Richard a late worthy divine and antiquary

“Thoughts on the Provincial Corps raised, and now raising, in support of the British constitution at this awful period,” Throsby, John a topographical writer

“The Monitor, or friendly address to the people of Great Britain,” Turner, Daniel a dissenting minister of the baptist persuasion

Died: Ulloa, Don Antonio a celebrated Spanish mathematician

“Two Sermons, preached in the Cathedral Church of Landaff, and a Charge delivered to the Clergy of that Diocese in June 1795,” Watson, Richard a late eminent and learned prelate

Died: Zouch, Thomas a learned divine

“Love and Truth; in two modest and peaceable letters concerning the distempers of the present times. Written from a quiet and conformable citizen of London, to two busie and factious shopkeepers in Coventry; with notes, and a preface by the editor,” Zouch, Thomas a learned divine

“Odes on Peace and War, written by many eminent and distinguished persons,” Zouch, Thomas a learned divine